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At the root of the overwhelming majority of occupational hazards there is an organisational decision or non-decision of some type

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Welcome to the Occupational Physician website. Dr Michael Bloom can offer information and advice regarding the Health and Safety of your workforce. You will find a list of services offered. These services will contribute towards reducing the costs associated with Workers Compensation, and increasing the health of your workforce, no matter what industry setting.

Michael is an independent consulting Specialist Occupational Physician, dedicated to reducing the costs associated with the Workers Compensation system. This is achieved through a variety of services, each tailored specifically to the needs of the client. The primary focus is on optimal communication, and the offering of true value.

I view the (health of the) workforce as the most important resource of an organisation. The vital role of organisational culture in the determination of performance outcomes in the workers compensation arena is beyond doubt. Any effort aimed at improving organisational culture will be rewarded in the longer term by cost reduction and increased competitiveness.

About Michael

Michael graduated in Medicine, as well as Science with honours (Pharmacology) from the University of Manchester, UK. He obtained the Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London, the Graduate Diploma of Occupational and Environmental Health from Monash University, Melbourne, and is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (FAFOEM, RACP).

On arrival in Australia in 1979 he initially worked as a Principal in rural General Practice, and Visiting Medical Officer to the Mudgee District Hospital, NSW. He has been working in Occupational Medicine since moving to Melbourne in 1985, working with a very broad range of industries and organisations, and has gained extensive experience in the fields of injury management, rehabilitation, risk communication, health surveillance and health promotion, as well as medico-legal work. He is an Independent Medical Examiner and Impairment Assessor for the Victorian WorkCover Authority and ComCare, and is also eligible to be nominated to a Medical Panel.

He enjoys maintaining a high level of physical and mental wellbeing, and participates in running, cycling, walking, golf and hatha yoga, and loves to spend time with his family. Other interests include travel, theatre, fine wine and food, and reading.

He considers some of his achievements outside of medicine to be:


Dr Bloom has been providing consulting services to a large number of organisations, both large and small, from a very broad range of industries. His expertise includes the following:

Independent Medical Examinations

This service provides a truly independent opinion, which is of even greater value given my extensive experience in the medico-legal field and my experience with a very broad range of industry settings. Furthermore examination and assessment is based on the biopsychosocial model, facilitating the exploration and identification of all possible factors in each case, and thereby ensuring the best possible advice and outcome.

Independent Medical Examination is of greatest value in those cases where barriers to rehabilitation are suspected, and identification of those barriers or potential barriers can facilitate successful and durable rehabilitation, leading to substantial cost savings.

Worksite Inspections

An even greater understanding of the work is gained by a worksite inspection, during which barriers to rehabilitation can be identified and addressed. Such visits to the worksite offer invaluable assistance in facilitating optimal communication, thereby contributing to resolution of disputes and psychosocial issues which frequently hinder successful rehabilitation.

Walkthrough Surveys

A walkthrough survey offers a quick and cost effective initial risk assessment for your industry, providing an assessment of all types of health hazards.

My extensive experience in a vast range of industry settings enables me to assess a range of hazards, including chemical, physical, psychosocial, ergonomic, biological etc.

Health Promotion

The workforce represents the most valuable asset of an organisation, and evidence shows us that any investment made in improving the health of that workforce is rewarded many times over with reduced absenteeism and reduced Workers Compensation costs, and thus improved productivity and profits.

Health Promotion within the workplace helps to increase morale and to reduce absenteeism. I offer workplace presentations and talks covering a wide range of health issues, including topics such as stress, work - life balance, mens health, drug & alcohol abuse, back pain, and many other health issues. These presentations can represent a very good starting point in a health promotion program.


Rehabilitation should commence from the moment a worker perceives injury or illness. Central to successful rehabilitation is optimal communication of empathy and support.

I believe that the costs of injury and illness can be minimised when barriers to rehabilitation are identified and addressed right at the beginning. Poor communication from supervisors (I call these "toxic" supervisors) frequently trigger psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation, resulting in poor outcome for the employee and the employer, or a "lose-lose" situation. The risk of this poor outcome can be significantly reduced by early referral for independent medical assessment in conjunction with a worksite inspection and round table conference. Furthermore efforts spent on supervisor training will be handsomely rewarded.

Risk Communication

Many industries involve hazards which pose a degree of risk to both the employees as well as the local community. Early risk communication is essential to avoid inappropriate reaction to exaggerated perception of true risk.

I have extensive experience in risk communication, and I believe that the more that the community knows and understands about any given hazard, the less the potential for unnecessary anxiety and very costly confrontation.

Health Surveillance Programs

For those organisations involved in processes or products with risk of toxicity, Health Surveillance is often essential, despite on-going hazard control efforts.

I am experienced in the designing and implementing of Health Surveillance Programs, and am able to tailor such a program to your specific industry circumstances and needs.

For details regarding any of these services please contact me.

Contact Dr Michael Bloom

I can be contacted via my consulting rooms at Warringal Medical Centre, Heidelberg. Here I conduct Independent Medical Examinations and Impairment Assessments on behalf of the Victorian WorkCover Authority, as well as for individual organisations. In conjunction with these independent medical examinations worksite assessments are frequently arranged, as well as liaising with all stakeholders and treating practitioners, in order to facilitate rapid rehabilitation of sick or injured employees.

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